Liftera Vision

More About Radiofrequency Treatment

What is the Liftera-V Machine?


The Liftera-V Machine uses high intensity focused ultrasound waves to tighten the skin, lift the face, and contour the body. It generates the results of botox without the pain, invasiveness, cost, and commitment of botox.‚Äč

Using thermal diffusion treatment (TDT) technology, quick outputs of stable ultrasonic hotspots at a speed of 10 Hz can be emitted without damaging the surface of the skin. The ultrasound waves penetrate to the dermal layer, where it heats up the collagen fibers to stimulate production of more collagen. This instantly tightens the skin and the contours of the face and body to remove wrinkles.

It instantly tightens and stimulates collagen contraction, proliferation, and reorganization, helping to create a new collagen elastic fiber matrix at the bottom of the muscle, enhancing elasticity from the bottom layer and tightening the contours at the surface. This non-invasive treatment is more durable and safer than traditional surgical treatments.

Aged skin is targeted, and the heat can reach all layers of the skin using the round treatment head.

Subcutaneous fat is targeted, and the heat can destroy the weak subcutaneous fat to better contour the body.